San Pietro di Castello (Church)

The ancient see of Venetian patriarch

San Pietro di Castello church is located on the Eastern part of Venice, on the former island of Olivolo.
It is one of the most ancient churches of Venice, having been established by bishop Saint Magnus in VII century. It was later restaured, and the today’s facade was designed by Palladio.
From 1451 to 1807, San Pietro di Castello has been the see of Venetian patriarch.
Inside San Pietro di Castello church it is conserved the Cattedra di San Pietro, a stone-made throne that according to tradition belonged to Saint Peter when he was bishop of Antioch, and was later donated to the Doge by the Emperor of Constantinople. However, the chair back is actually a Muslim funerary stele with carved verses from the Koran.

Castello 70, Campo San Pietro, 30122 - Venezia
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