San Sebastiano (Church)

A not to miss temple for Veronese lovers

 San Sebastiano church in Venice was built in the first half of the XVI century and finally consacrated in 1548. However, a previous church existed here, dedicated to Saint Mary. When the new one was built, it was consacrated to San Sebastiano as a thanksgiving for the end of a plague. This was not unusual in Medieval Europe, and other Venetian churches have also been built with this purpose.
San Sebastiano church, in Dorsoduro district close to Zattere, is famous for containing the most important works by painter Paolo Caliari, better known as Veronese: a whole series of paintings and frescoes, including ceiling frescoes. Veronese was also buried into this church.

Nearest public boat stop to San Sebastiano is San Basilio.

Dorsoduro 1686, Campo San Sebastiano, 30123 - Venezia
+39 041 27 50 462
Full/Reduced 3€/1.5€
Opening hours
All days
Closed on Sundays
Water bus Line 2, 6, 8, N | San Basilio