Sant’Alvise (Church)

A Gothic little jewel

Sant’Alvise church was built in the late XIV century after a dream of the noble woman Antonia Venier, who had dreamed of Saint Louis, bishop of French city of Toulouse. The church is dedicated to him but, as in other cases, the official name was popularly changed over time due to misunderstanding of it.
Venier also founded a nuns’ convent here: it is still possible to see the barco, a covered corridor which connected the two buildings, allowing nuns to go to church without being seen by strangers.
In a remote and quite corner of the town, altought an easily reachable location (from the water bus stop of San’Alvise, on the Northern side of Venice), Sant’Alvise church still preserves its original Gothic facade.

Cannaregio, Campo Sant'Alvise, 30121 - Venezia
+39 041 27 50 462
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