Sant’Apollinare / Sant’Aponal (Church)

Dedicated to Sant'Apollinare

Sant’Aponal church was built in the XI century by two families from the city of Ravenna who had just settled in Venice. Ravenna used to be the capital town of Western Roman Empire, and its patron saint is Sant’Apollinare. Sant’Aponal is indeed his name in Venetian dialect.
Suppressed in 1810 and then cleaned out of its works of art, Sant’Aponal church served as a mill and even a prison for political detainees when Venice was under Austrians’ control: the four square windows on the facade dates back to this period.

Sant’Aponal church is usually closed and occasionally used for art exhibits. It can be found on the main way between San Polo square and Rialto bridge.

San Polo, Campo Sant' Aponal, 30122 - Venezia
Water bus Line 1 | San Silvestro