Surfing in Venice? Yes You Can!

Amazing Surf in the city

A frequently asked question by Venice’s visitors is whether it is possibile to practice water sports, generally with a keen interest in SUP, kitesurfing and Windsurfing. Since the birth of Surf Club Venezia, a sporting association formed by enthusiasts whose aim is to unite the various surfing disciplines, there is a positive answer to the above question.

The emerging global sport SUP, an acronym for Stand Up Paddle Surfing has proven itsef particularly well suited for the Venetian Lagoons.
Altough, to enjoy this experience to irs fullest and safety purposes, it is absolutely necessary to be guided by a qualified instructor.
In this unique world setting, the thrill that is generated by touring the city via SUP is unrivalled. The unique view of the city available by navigating the canals on a SUP along with the chance to come into contact with and discover the ancient techniques of the Voga alla Veneta is simply awe-inspiring.

As for kitesurfing, this is possibile in certain areas of the beaches found in the surroinding areas. A crucial element to consider is the month in which one wishes to kitesurf, as during the summer months there is less beach space available due to bathers.

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