Biennale Arte 2013

Fist news: a bestiary of the imagination

From June, 1st to Novembre, 24th 2013 Venice will house The Enciclopedic Palace, the 55th International Art Exibition, curated by Massimiliano Gioni.

The Arsenale wil host the main exhibition on the theme The Encyclopedic Palace, that Gioni chose starting from an idea of Marino Auriti, a self-taught Italian-American artist who in 1955 filed a design with the US Patent office depicting his Palazzo Enciclopedico: “an imaginary museum – explais Gioni – that was meant to house all worlydly knowledge, bringing together the greatest discoveries of the human race, from the wheel to the satellite. Auriti’s plan was never carried out, of course, but the dream of universal, all-embracing knowledge crops up throughout history”.

The Pavilions of the Giardini and in the centre of Venice will be dedicated, as usual, to the, to the National Participations. The Countries participating for the first time are eight. Beside the main venues of the Arsenale and the Giardini, the Biennale will liven up variuos places of the city, thanks to selected Collateral Events, proposed by international bodies and istitutions concurrently with the 55th Exhibition.