Male Foil – Cup City of Venice

London 2012 after the great fencing makes a stop in the lagoon

It ‘s the most fascinating of the stages of the World Cup circuit in men’s foil. Major event for each fencer in the world. But the 2013 edition of the Cup “City of Venice” – 3rd Trophy “Alilaguna”, has a reason for extra attraction.

Pass from the Laguna fiorettisti from around the world, with Olympic Champion team in London in 2012, Giorgio Avola, Valerio Aspromonte, Andrea Baldini, Andrea Cassara.

The stage of the World Cup circuit, scheduled to Palasport “G.Giaquinto” Saturday 16 and Sunday, March 17, will see the debut as coach of the National Men’s and Women’s Foil the Venetian Andrea Cipressa doc, who wears the clothes already Vice-President of the Italian Fencing Federation, but that has trod the boards of the indoor stadium for many years, as Olympic champion.

The race Venetian will be the second of the three stages valid as FIE Grand Prix, after St. Petersburg and Tokyo before. This means that, since the score of this test will be increased, all the great artists of the international fencing will be in Venice in order to increase its position in the world ranking.

The “elite” of the foil world, of which Italy is a diamond, then disembark in Laguna, promising to put on a show and excite the Venetian public.

You will begin Saturday, March 16, 2013 with the group stage and the board of qualification. Sunday, from 9.00 am start the assaults of the board of 64. The semifinals and finals are scheduled from 5.00 pm.

And ‘all’ A.S.D. Dielleffe Fencing Venice is renewed for 36 years the mandate of the organization of this important sporting event, which together with the Venice Marathon, gives a breath international sport to our wonderful city. Race coveted and high demand by the International Federation, is to be located in a city of great prestige, both for the quality of the organization we have always guaranteed, thanks to the support not only economically, despite the worldwide economic difficulties in recent years, but also for collaboration for planning the event to be part of ‘the Sports Department of the City of Venice.