Venice Guide

A short Venice guide to plan your stay in the lagoon

Not only is Venice the city of art par excellence, it is also the city of history, magnificent celebrations, traditions, the finest gourmet experiences, and traditional handcrafting.

This section contains plenty of tourist information that we hope will prove useful during your stay in Venice. You will find basic information – electrical standards, currency, emergency numbers, etc. – as well as facts about the climate that are particular to this city.

We will tell you what to do in the case of acqua alta – high tides – and we will offer you suggestions for visiting the islands scattered throughout the estuary of Venice, which are famous around the world for their morphological characteristics and their handmade productions such as Murano glass and Burano lace.

Venice is not just museums, therefore, it is also a city that exists in nature and is surrounded by famous resort beaches, lavish villas where many foreigners choose to be married and a hill country that produces fine wine. A city that every year warmly and passionately celebrates its ancient popular feast days, both sacred and profane, in traditional dress, with spectacular events that will not fail to involve you. So don a pair of comfortable shoes (women should avoid high heels unless invited to a party at one of the palaces!) and remember that this is a city accessible to all, despite its 417 bridges.

Venice is architecturally and culturally a labyrinth, and this guide will be your Ariadne’s thread.


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